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What’s Missing From the Health Care Bill

In the spring of 2010, President Barack Obama passed a momentous health care bill. Said bill dominated most of the political discourse during his first year; to date it constitutes one of the president’s most substantial achievements. In dealing with … Continue reading

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Before Obama Signs the Health Care Bill…

Dear Mr. President: Congratulations – two days ago the Senate passed a comprehensive health care bill, achieving a long-sought liberal initiative regarding a system that badly needs reform. Unless something extremely unexpected occurs, it will soon be on your desk, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Obama’s Speech

I did not get the chance to watch Obama’s speech live, but I’ve just Youtubed it. Here are my thoughts on it, as it progresses. 1:00 – I really liked his introduction, focusing on the economy and keeping American jobs. … Continue reading

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Socialist Health Care

Some of the Obama’s more incoherent detractors have labeled his health care plan as “socialized medicine.” It is assumed, naturally, that socialism is Bad (with a big B). While socialism may be less effective in many industries and fields (just … Continue reading

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On One Health Care “Myth”

Republicans have attacked Obama’s health care plan for, amongst other things, creating “death panels.” Democrats, predictably, have responded by calling this a ridiculous scare tactic, something that of course will never happen. The problem is, however, that the fundamental concept … Continue reading

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