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Europe Hasn’t Been Much In the News Lately…

They say that no news is the best news.

There was a lot of news in 2011 about Europe. Continue reading

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What Comes After the Bailout of Portugal

With the bailout of Portugal, all eyes are looking towards Spain. This is the market’s next target. A bailout of Spain would be a magnitude more difficult than the previous bailouts. Its economy is far bigger; more than a trillion dollars in GDP and four to five times bigger than Greece. It has a population of 46 million, several times that of Greece.

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The Biggest Threat to President Barack Obama’s Re-election Chances

Almost everybody agrees that President Barack Obama’s re-election chances depend almost exclusively on one thing: the state of the American economy. If, for instance, unemployment is below 7% by November 2012, Mr. Obama could very well win a Reagan-style blow-out. If, on the other hand, unemployment is still in double-digits by November 2012, Mr. Obama may as well kiss his re-election chances goodbye. Continue reading

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An Unmentioned Cause Behind America’s Economic Woes

America’s economy is in a bad way. The economic recovery has turned out to be disturbingly weak, and joblessness rates are still actually rising. Investment is down, Americans are depressed and angry, and there are even worries about a double-dip … Continue reading

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Explaining the Swiss Minaret Vote

Switzerland’s landslide vote to ban Muslim minarets surprised many pundits and commentators, more familiar with the nation’s image as a bastion of tolerance and European enlightenment. These results, in fact, are not so surprising. They derive from the peculiar structure … Continue reading

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